Telephone Coaching

Elena Ray

Telephone Coaching

With symbolic modelling, telephone coaching becomes a truly effective tool that really makes a difference.

There are several key advantages to coaching over the phone in preference to the traditional face to face meeting.

Of course, for most coaching practices from psychotherapy to business coaching, the drawbacks of not being in the same room have far outweighed the advantages of telephone coaching. These drawbacks have deterred both client and facilitator for the same reason: the lack of eye contact and lack of information from body language have traditionally made any coaching or therapy difficult and less than effective. With symbolic modelling all of this changes. For the client in a telephone symbolic modelling session the freedom from the usual built in habit of maintaining normal eye contact is liberating, it allows the client to use all of their power of visual processing towards developing and understanding the issue at hand, and for the facilitator, the same freedom happens. The deep connection that develops in a session between the client and facilitator is the connection through the clients symbols and metaphors, rapport develops with and through the clients information. A similar situation exists with regard to body language. Symbolic modelling deals with symbols and metaphors and body language gestures easily translate into first class symbols. All this means that the symbolic modeller is much less dependent upon guessing and interpreting a client’s body language. This works in the other direction also. In most conversations we depend upon body language to guide us through the minefield of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. The poetic constraint of clean language as used by the symbolic modeller bypasses misunderstandings altogether. The minefield is transformed into a zen garden and the need to navigate by body language evaporates.

All of this frees up telephone coaching using symbolic modelling to become one of the most easily accessible and effective coaching tools available. For clients the advantages of a telephone session are clear. The first session is very much easier and more comfortable than with a face to face meeting. For anyone starting out to work with any issue, the first step is always the hardest. Regardless of how open and supportive the facilitator may turn out to be, as a client we still tend to be very aware of the sensitivities that we carry around any difficult issue and the first meeting with any coach or therapist can seem intimidating. By meeting for the first time by phone most of that initial anxiety is defused. It is, after all, just a telephone conversation.

The client also regains all of the control that they might need to remain comfortable. Typically the client can ring from the comfort of their own home secure in the knowledge that they are safe, and with the comfort of knowing they can terminate the session with much greater ease than walking out of a session might require. When taking sessions by phone, clients feel none of the stigma or discomfort that can sometimes accompany going to see a professional counsellor, coach or therapist (and the symbolic modeller is each of counsellor, coach and therapist). Without ‘going’ to a symbolic modeller, clients typically do not feel any need to justify or explain their actions and so are free to make organic and life enhancing choices about how to improve their situation.

There is a further benefit to telephone coaching and that is that the client is able to work in their own physical space that is rich with personal possessions, photographs and decoration and this all becomes available as a great source of metaphor and personal symbol.

Finally a real advantage of telephone coaching is that you don’t need to live near to, or travel for hours to see a top symbolic modeller who can make a real difference to your most troublesome situations.

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